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Austin Sybouts
Holistic Care & Wildcrafting


Nature's Balance

Through gentle vitalist herbalism, Austin Sybouts approaches plant medicine as a means of rekindling humankind with nature. His practice guides those seeking holistic care towards a lifestyle of wellbeing and connection.


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(408) 373-9602
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Located in Spokane, WA

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Jul 23, 2023, 4:30 PM
Bowl & Pitcher
With Summer at full height, plants bloom all around Spokane River. Join a journey into the practice of wild foraging edible and medicinal plants, while giving back to the ecosystem. Guided by herbalist Austin Sybouts.

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Austin Sybouts

Alaskan-raised herbalist, Austin Sybouts, brings gentle revitalization from nature directly back to the hearts and homes of those seeking wellness. He practices a unique combination of traditional vitalism and terrain theory that he has derived from his upbringing in the abundant ecosystems of the Mat-Su Valley, as well as his education in The School of Evolutionary Herbalism and Herbal Academy.


His mantra towards medicine and life at large is to reconnect people with the language of plants -  particularly by bringing wildcrafted and homegrown medicine to urban environments to reinvigorating a relationship with nature for those who find themselves separated from it. This intention along with his own journey of mental health has directed a specialization in emotional wellness as one of the foregrounds of his practice. Today, this takes the form of teaching his clients and the community about powerful ways to reincorporate herbalism into their daily lives - all while supporting others and the ecosystem around them.

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